Trust~X (trustx) wrote in the_dirty_south,

birdman, pastor troy, petey pab

sad i know but i only just copped Fast Money by Birdman, we dont get CD's that arent in the top 40 over here very often. Basically Baby's skills have dropped but you can see what Wayne is gonna be like on Carter II, which is good by the way. check out neck of the woods, get it all together and get your shine on.

also wondering whats happened to Pastor Troy and who thinks Petey Pablo's move to Death Row will kill his career. im putting my bets on yes, it will ruin his career, such a shame coz he really needed one more hit to break thru big after last year with freek a leek and featured in goodies.
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K. U live in Australia.
Petey Pablo is from one those S. or N. Carolina states.
DEath Row is LOL`s today.
haha cruel but yeh.. tru. has death row put out anything other than tupac/snoop revival cd's and "best of the best of's" ? i dont think ive seen nothin