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.... [Friday
8:37pm October 31st]

1 //Down With The South

6:38pm August 30th]

Down With The South

1:23pm February 25th]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm closing this community on Monday.
I don't feel like there is enough activity on here to warrant keeping it open.
I know that's probably mostly my fault, but still.
I don't have the time to promote and all that stuff.
So, yeah.

5 //Down With The South

9:27pm November 19th]

Don't forget to check out that new Hood Stories CD. It's hot.
Down With The South

11:29am October 30th]

yo sup, i just joined. born and raised in the south, and i love all things from the south, mostly dirty south hip-hop. lately i've been bumpin the new three 6 mafia like mad. i saw them play here a few weeks back and they were amazing. i've been enjoying the new Bun B mixtape (King of the Trill) that Rapid Ric just produced, but have yet to purchase "Trill"

anyways, this community seems pretty chill.

so what's up?
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8:58pm October 17th]

I just joined this community and I hope that it is active. I'm a mod of a few communities relating to music including top_fives and sound_rationale. This is subtle advertising for both of them, but the first is a community devoted to top fives, and any kind of top five. The second is a rating community.

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to post this is to ask about some of your favorite artists. My favorites are as follows:

Gangsta Blac (how I found the comm)
Project Pat (except for his stint with The Roots recently).
David Banner
Pastor Troy
Lil Keke
Al Kapone

How 'bout you?
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birdman, pastor troy, petey pab [Sunday
11:42am October 9th]
sad i know but i only just copped Fast Money by Birdman, we dont get CD's that arent in the top 40 over here very often. Basically Baby's skills have dropped but you can see what Wayne is gonna be like on Carter II, which is good by the way. check out neck of the woods, get it all together and get your shine on.

also wondering whats happened to Pastor Troy and who thinks Petey Pablo's move to Death Row will kill his career. im putting my bets on yes, it will ruin his career, such a shame coz he really needed one more hit to break thru big after last year with freek a leek and featured in goodies.
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Food for thought [Saturday
12:16pm August 27th]
so the south let me down with USA (united states of atlanta) but i went back and tried again with Missy's (semi-new not really tho) album The Cookbook. The only thing that annoys me about Missy's albums in the past is that she doesnt seperate her skits, so u gotta listen to them even if u dont want to otherwise u skip the song that comes after them. I really liked alot of songs on this albums, Joy with Mike Jones who mike jones who mike jones who.. ok we get it. the singles are obviously awesome club bangers. theres alot of chick tracks on here too which are ok. im going with about 3 mic's out of 5.
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Mod Post [Thursday
12:49am August 18th]
[ mood | creative ]

Yes, I suck as a mod. It really did take me this long to notice that the header on the site was spelled wrong :[ Anyway, I changed it. It's better now, anyway. The layout is not done yet, because I have to go to bed now, because I have to wake up early tomorrow. Check it out and give me some suggestion.


Join the_dirty_south


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11:53pm August 15th]

Name: Staci
Nickname(s): Stace ..StaceFace..NeNe
Age: 7teen
Birthday: November 23rd 1987
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius <3
Location: Covington Virginia
Favorite Song: "Sitting Sideways"--Paul Wall
Favorite Thing About The South: the way we talk .. our style .. our everything <3
Pic if you have one: not yet
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WHATS UP [Saturday
4:57pm August 6th]


Check me out!

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The South Shall Rise AGAIN! lolz [Wednesday
2:23pm August 3rd]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Becky
Nickname(s): Specks, Kitsu, Bex
Age: 14
Birthday: Oct. 10, 1990
Location: Gwinnett, Georgia
Pic: (here)

Down With The South

YYT [Wednesday
10:20am August 3rd]
I just picked up a copy of Ying Yang USA, what are peoples thoughts on it? i think they tried a little too hard to do something different in the first half of the album, i mean its ok, but i buy their stuff not for thought provoking content, but for raw energy crunk shit. They also featured too many people, near every song had a verse or two by someone else which i find annoying because if i wanted all those ppl id buy a compilation. I think the twins failed to deliver the same quality as i found on previous albums. Fav tracks, Put That Thang Down feat. Teedra Moses, Badd feat. Mike Jones, Shake feat. Pitbull
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7:09pm July 18th]


It just started, but it's going to be a community where people can ask and give answers to top fives. Come join if you'd like.
Down With The South

5:10pm July 15th]


i ono
2 //Down With The South

7:42pm June 30th]
Searching for the movie RIZE by David Lachapelle is difficult. I dont know how many of you would've heard of the movie ( ) but its basically about this semi-new style of dancing, originating in south central LA.

In Brisbane (queensland, australia), we literally only have about 3 hip hop clubs. the hiphop community isnt huge, no where near the size of the alternative or rock communities. hip hop dancing is very small and the kids krumping/clownin are even smaller again.

i was wondering if anyone knows when RIZE is going to be released on dvd, or if u know any names of other krumping dvds. being so geographically distanced its hard to find out new moves or different styles. teaching ppl is even harder, so if you know any basics dvds or anything related it'd be much appriciated.

also you should check out Flii on the soundtrack if ur into the aggressive crunk/krump style of music.
Down With The South

Don P Vrs Scrap [Wednesday
11:22am June 29th]
[16 Jun 2005|01:57am]



On the heels of several recent tales of the beef-gone-bad, another Hip-Hop secret war has bubbled to the surface with Lil’ Scrappy and Don-P of Trillville, who are both signed to Lil’ Jon’s BME label.

Last year, the two men shared success as their joint effort, King of Crunk and BME Recordings Present: Lil’ Scrappy and Trillville, proved that they had star quality that made them attractive to the masses. However, Lil’ Scrappy reportedly released a mixtape called Full l Jacket where he took sharp jabs at Trillville, in particular Don P. These charges included charges of homosexuality to pedophilia.

Refuting the allegations, Don P told, “At first I wasn’t gonna do it. Scrappy came out with a mixtape, and everybody was telling me about it. I just looked up one day and this n***a got a mixtape talking about all kinds of crazy s**t. Talking about I got extensions in my hair, just a bunch of lies and s**t, bunch of fantasy s**t. So I say, well if he wanna come at me on some fantasy s**t, then I’ma show the world some real s**t.”

Now, Don P has retaliated with own mixtape, Target Practice, which is in collaboration with DJ Scream and Hoodrich Entertainment. Don P said that a piece in XXL magazine was particularly irritating to him and his crew, because Scrappy seemingly disassociated himself with Trillville even though they had a huge hit together with, “Neva Eva.” And upon asking about tension, Don P said his counterpart denied that he was disrespecting them.

Nevertheless, Don P claimed that he’s made failed efforts to quell the beef, including talking to people close to Scrappy.

“We done had a meeting about the s**t, just us and the family. He still keep putting it out in the media. So I say, if you wanna be Flip, then I’ll be T.I. If you wanna be muthaf***n’ Ja Rule, then I’ll be Fifty and I’m just gonna crush yo s**t, n***a,” he said. “Because he’s trying to destroy my reputation, which is impossible in “the A.” But then when s**t start leaking out to people that might not know my history, who might just know me from this music s**t, then I gotta step up and crush his career.”

Don P said the time for peace has expired even though other rappers like Gucci Mane have found themselves in precarious situations.

“[Scrappy] can try to come back, but it’s over. Don’t nobody wanna hear [him, because] he talked so much,” the Trillville member said. “This the first time people actually hearing me speak out. We tired of hearing him talking s**t, we tired of him getting beat up, everybody’s sick of him. Especially in Atlanta.”

Previously, Lil’ Scrappy declined to comment on this matter and was unavailable at presstime.

Target Practice can be found at

EDIT: latest is they nearly came to blows at the BET awards in the Reebok room out back. interesting to see where it goes.
Down With The South

Mod Post # 6 [Thursday
1:09am June 23rd]
[ mood | Packing = Bitch from Hell ]

Well, in about 4 hours, I'm going to be getting into a cramped, burgundy Ford Taurus [vomit] with my mom and my brother to embark on a roughly 10 hour trip to Washington, D.C. for my mom's twin brother's retirement party. While I'm enduring the 10 hour trip, complete with my brother's beloved Metallica and Tool CDs, and touring the Pentagon with my 9 out of my mom's 11 brothers/sisters and their spouses/children, I want y'all to think of 3 suggestions of how to make this community better. What websites should I add to the userinfo? I'm going to link the icons on the info to the respective artists' websites, but I don't know the URL for Ciara or Brooke Valentine's sites, so if y'all could track those down, I would appreciate that. I don't know when I'm coming back exactly, either Saturday/Sunday, so I won't be able to work on the community till then [my mom told my brother that his laptop was unwelcome on the "family trip"]. But you guys just look at the layout and the info and give me suggestions. Okay?

4 //Down With The South

3:06pm June 23rd]
Name: Jordan
Nickname(s): Jordz, X
Age: 19
Birthday: november 22 85
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Location: Queensland, Australia
Favorite Song: at this point in time its Who Not Me on Luda's RLD
Favorite Thing About The South: style of music and the ppl
Pic if you have one: hereCollapse )
10 //Down With The South

Mod Post #5 [Tuesday
2:34am June 21st]
[ mood | contemplative ] it's about 2:35 AM and I just redid the community layout [somewhat] and the info page. This community belongs to y'all too, so if there's something you don't like, let me know so I can poll everyone else and, if it's a majority vote, I'll change it. And I already know that the Nelly pic on the user info is a little fuzzy, so I'm in search of another pic [whether it's of him or not, I don't care]I changed it. But I really have to go to bed now, so that's all for now.

6 //Down With The South

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